Are you serious about advancing your career? Do you want more challenging contract work, and more of it? Our clients value the time we spend getting to know you, your skills, and your goals, so that when a job opens, HireKnowledge associates are uniquely positioned ahead of the others as qualified, tested, guaranteed candidates.
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HireKnowledge associates have an edge over other job applicants. Our clients trust our custom-designed tests, in-depth interview process, and knowledgable managers to provide them with top-notch people. We've taken the time to get to know our clients too, so we can offer you the same detailed assessment of them.


Search our online database of open jobs. You can sort by city and keyword, or if you're looking for a change of scene or career, view them all! When you find one you're interested in, you can email us directly to let us know.


Health Insurance:

HireKnowledge offers a comprehensive plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. For in-network coverage there is only a $10 co-pay for covered services and a prescription plan is also included.

Family plans are available-contact your local Senior Manager for details.

Eligibility: HireKnowledge Contribution: Employee Contribution:
300 hours in 10 weeks 60% 40%
1900 hours in 52 weeks 100% 0


401(k) Retirement Plan:

Eligibility: Employee Contribution: Benefit Provider:
1000 hours in a 12 month period
with quarterly entry dates.
Up to 15% of earnings. Legg Mason


Vacation Pay:

Eligibility: HireKnowledge Contribution: Benefit type:
1500 hours in a calender year. 100% HireKnowledge will issue a check equal to 40 hours of pay, at a pay rate equal to the average pay rate for the last 1500 hours of work.

Now, you can download timecard forms directly from here. Please remember to follow these basic instructions for filling yours out properly. And, if you have any further questions, simply call your local office.

Download the timecards in PDF format now

Instructions for filling out timecard:
Complete the following sections of the timecard:
Check office: Check the office from which you are working.
Employee Name (Your name goes here)
Company Name (Company who we send you out to goes here)
For each day you work, complete the start time, finish time, subtotal, less lunch, and total hours.You are using .25, .5, and .75 in place of 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 for your hours. Example:

  • Start
  • Finish
  • Subtotal
  • Less lunch
  • Total Hours

Indicate whether you want your check mailed or want to pick it up in person. If you do not check this portion, your check will be mailed.

In the job completed section, indicate to the best of your knowledge whether the job is finished or not.

Enter the week ending date (Friday’s date for the week in which you work), your regular hours total, and your total for overtime (anything over 40 hours).

You must SIGN in the section entitled employee signature. The supervisor to whom you report or person authorized to approve your hours MUST sign the section entitled Company Verification & Signature.

Authorization for someone else to pick up your check is at the discretion of the Senior Manager of your branch office. ID may be required for the person picking up your check.

When you have finished filling out the timecard as outlined above, give a photocopy to your supervisor, fax a copy to your branch office, and keep the original.

Timecards must be faxed to us by midnight Friday of the week you worked, or your check will be delayed for one week. It is YOUR responsibility to produce a timecard for us. Do NOT leave it for anyone else to fill out, sign, or fax to us. Do not use your own form for producing timecards. If you need one faxed to a job site, just call us and ask!


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